Track Facebook Profile Visitors


Most of us are curious to know who has viewed our profile in last few time span . This Facebook Tricks 2017 is for the same. Use this brwoser source code facebook tricks to trace your facebook profile visitors.

Track Your Timeline or Facebook wall visitor By Browser Source Code

  1. First, you should go to your timeline or wall.
  2. Now right click of the mouse and click on View Page source.
  3. You will see all coding of your profile in the new page.
  4. Now just press Control + F, You will see search Box on Upper right corner of Chrome.
  5. You can go directly view-source:
  6. Now paste  [InitialChatFriendsList] on Find box.
  7. Then you will see many Friends profile ID code after InitialChatFriendsList
  8. Just copy any Profile ID code and Past After
  9. example id code xxxfacebook-tweaks-2017Your will see a profile which recently view your profile.

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